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Hi, I’m Richard

In 2014 I set up my own business, with the help of my family, after finding it very difficult to get a job due to my Aspergers.

Having achieved my Food and Hygiene Certificate I began to make dog treats at home.  I absolutely love what I do, and can now manage most of the business independently.  I have a purpose to my day, and am really happy that people are so keen to buy Charlie’s Tasty Treats (named after my dog Charlie!)

I was thrilled to be interviewed about my business by Peter Henley from BBC South Today.  You can watch it on the BBC South Today Facebook page dated 20th July 2015, as well as on my own Facebook page. As you can imagine I’m very proud of this achievement!  

As well as running my business; I volunteered at the Horrill Centre (a day care centre for the Elderly) every Friday for 10 years but unfortunately had to stop when lockdown hit but I loved it. 


Charlie was the inspiration behind my business. His passion for food could not possibly be understated, and it was important to us that he could enjoy homemade wholesome treats. He enjoyed being the chief taster of dog treats, but wasn’t a very good one as he would literally eat everything. He began to share treats with his many friends, and the business soon grew.

Charlie had a gentle spirit, and great sense of fun, which made him countless friends of all ages and species. His affectionate, if occasionally annoying, younger brother George continues his legacy at Charlie’s Tasty Treats.



Since Charlie’s passing, George has inherited the important roles of chief taster and production supervisor. With his more discerning palate and attention to detail he fulfils these responsibilities well.

As a natural ‘people person’ George is a key brand ambassador, regularly making public speaking appearances alongside Richard.

In his free time George enjoys birdwatching, long walks, and the works of David Attenborough. 🤣

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